About The Fellowships

About the Fellowship

We will recruit up to 26 fellows across two calls. The Fellows will be offered a two-year contract, based at the University of Limerick. Each Fellow will be required to complete an industrial placement of between 3-6 months.

Fellows will agree an appropriate industrial placement with their academic supervisor, and will receive support from the host centres and PROCESS management team to secure a secondment host.  A suitable representative from the secondment organisation will be identified to act as the non-academic supervisor to oversee and support project activities.

Steps to Apply

  1. Check your eligibility.
  2. Complete a Stage 1 - Register Your Interest form. 
  3. Our Project Manager will review your application and inform successful applicants to move on to the next stage.
  4. Contact your preferred academic supervisor(s) from our list of Principal Investigators.
  5. Start preparing your proposal.  Our Guide for Applicants will give you detailed advice on what is required, including mandatory template information.
  6. Contact and obtain the support of your preferred non-academic secondment host(s). 
  7. Obtain Letters of Support from your proposed academic supervisor and hosting research centre, as well as a Letter of Reference from each of two referees.
  8. Prepare your CV and gather any other supporting documents.
  9. Submit your proposal.
  10. Fellowship offers. 

Benefits for Fellows

  • Access to a state of the art research environment.
  • Tailor-made scientific training to develop Fellows with skills and experience to become scientific leaders of tomorrow. 
  • Development of skills that will be directly transferable to industry.
  • Relevant placements in the dairy and pharmaceutical sectors. 
  • An attractive and supportive working environment. 


Expectations for Successful Applicants

All those who are accepted as a Fellow will be required to:

  1. Attendance ONE of the six available Summer/Winter training schools
  2. Completion of at least THREE of the Technical or Transferable Skills Courses available through the 'Succeed and Lead' programme and other workshop
  3. Involvement in at least FOUR dissemination events (e.g. oral/poster presentations at conferences/technical meetings)
  4. Involvement in at least THREE public outreach events (e.g. National Science Week, school outreach programmes, contact PM for more information)
  5. Delivery of at least TWO scientific publications in peer-reviewed international journals with a minimum Impact Factor of 2 during the course of the Fellowship.

Additionally, Fellows will be required to provide reports to the Project Manager, on the following:

  1. Career Development Training Plans – to be drafted with your Supervisory Team, and reviewed and updated where necessary every quarter.
  2. Data Management Plans – to be drafted, reviewed and updated every quarter.
  3. Biannual Progress Reports – detailing scientific progress and financial status.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 801165.